The presentation of Fidget is a collaboration between the Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris, Printed Matter and Stadium.
Fidget was originally commissioned by The Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris as a collaboration with vocalist Theo Bleckmann. The live performance was at The Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris on June 16, 1998 at 8p.m. Bleckmann's vocal interpretations of Fidget are available online at Stadium via Real Audio.
A gallery installation of Fidget opened at Printed Matter in New York City. Printed Matter features Goldsmith's collaboration with seamstress Sydney Maresca. The exhibition will run from June 11-September 4 1998. A book and compact disc of Fidget will be available in the Fall of 1998 from the Maryland Institute of Art.

Problem Definition: 

With Keneth Goldsmith and Stadiumweb, created an interactive interpretation of his book, FIDGET.

Electronic text of the book wa provided bu the author. Munged into chunks by chapter and sentence. Indexed. Java reads these tezts, linking them and adding Z-buffer, vector, and velocity information. Displayed in the Java browser, using various buffering techniques.
Can still be found at