Facilities Manager


One of my favorite projects.

Chemical Bank asked Design Systems to integrate existing DBASE databases of assets with their AutoCad drawings into an intranet.

Users would be able to browse drawings, identify cataloged assets and maintenance items on the web instead of requireing AutoCad. (Remember this was 1994 -- .DWG viewers were few and far between.

The resulting mix of AutoLISP, HTML, dynamic image mapping, and scheduled cron jobs was known as the Chamical Bank Facilities Navigator.

IDC/IDX by the way was the first Microsoft middleware. It was not so much a product as simple script files -- like a simple 'Code Behind' without the .ASP in front, if you will.

Problem Definition: 

Integrate dissimilar packages into a web presence.

Low-tech, low-price solution using materials, protocals, data, and techniques at hand.
I got a call from the client 10 years after sign off. The application had been up -- with minor modifications -- continuously for 10 years without additional maintenance!